Dorum, Wurster Nordseeküste

Dorum, Germany

Dorum-Neufeld on the Wurster North Sea coast is perfect for campers and offers many beautiful holiday apartments in the village centre. The coastal seaside resort in the district of Cuxhaven is known throughout Germany for its picturesque Obereversand lighthouse and its wonderful sunsets and is a popular destination for families with children as well as nature-loving senior citizens.

Dorum is also very dog-friendly and has a specially designated dog beach. The wide stretch of coast is a recognized part of the Wadden Sea National Park and the small cutter harbour and the newly built wave pool with sulphur brine are just a few of the many highlights of this tranquil coastal town.

Sights, beaches and activities

Dorum stands for pure relaxation. Directly on the coast, guests can now expect a variety of great leisure activities for young and old – even at low tide it never gets boring here. A good printed travel guide for Dorum and the Wurster North Sea coast is unfortunately not yet available, in the Tourist information at the port however, we will be happy to help. We have compiled the most important activities and sights in Dorum directly here.

The metal lighthouse is a popular photo hotspot, which can also be climbed and visited. Dorum’s idyllic cutter harbour is a popular motif for photo calendars. In the swimming pool and the pirate playground, even the youngest children will get their money’s worth and can really let off steam, while the tide (low and high tide) radiates its charm all year round. In summer the harbour forecourt is a popular stopover for motorbike tourists and weekend trippers.

» Hint: On the harbour grill of Pommes-Peter you can get the best fries of the North Sea. A real unique specimen.

Hotels and holiday apartments in Dorum

There is plenty of accommodation in Dorum. The offer is particularly characterised by the Cuxland holiday parks, but also by the many camping sites, the small private holiday apartments at the harbour and the hotels in Dorum-Neufeld.

The beautiful Hotel Deichgrube directly at the lighthouse is also worth mentioning.

Dorum in detail

Dorum invites you to discover, long walks on the beach, low and high tide, romantic walks on the mudflats, picturesque photo-scenes and a wide range of leisure activities.

Sunny Beaches

Also water rats do not come off badly in Dorum. Two bathing beaches, a dog beach and the great Watt’n Bad open-air swimming pool (even free of charge with a guest card!) awaits the guests. The green beaches are located at the camping site and in front of the wave pool, where there is also ample parking, public toilets and beach chairs. At low tide, the brine outdoor pool with slide offers the perfect alternative to the mudflat hike and is especially popular with families with children.

Dog Beach Dorum

In Dorum-Neufeld, dogs are allowed on the beach and are welcome guests, as there is an exclusively designated beach section for four-legged furry noses. The dog beach is altogether very clean and well-kept, there are dog showers, direct access to the Wadden Sea and beach chairs for rent. The beach is located to the left of the lighthouse and the cutter harbour behind the swimming pool. Not far from the beach there is also a dog playground with an agility course and enough space to romp around on the 2500m² large outdoor area. Dorum is therefore perfect for a holiday with dogs at the North Sea.

» Hint: Many of the vacation homes are pet-friendly and also in most of the restaurants bringing along four-legged friends is not a problem.

Kiting and water sports

When the wind is good, the clearly marked windsurfing and kite zone is a real insider’s tip for professionals. Kite enthusiasts can fly over the waves two to three hours before and after high tide when the wind is good. However, the grass-covered take-off and landing zone, the nearby stone dam and the harbor entrance make this kite spot rather unsuitable for beginners and novices. For vacation guests and visitors in any case a spectacle.

3 things you must not miss in Dorum

Lighthouse Obereversand

130 years old, almost 38 metres high, a long extinct lighthouse, a real landmark with a museum above the sea – the Obereversand Lighthouse in Dorum is a black and incorruptibly romantic monument on the beach. This is also made remarkably clear by a very special feature: the former office of the lighthouse keeper is now used as a registry office. Those who do not necessarily want to get married right away can simply visit the lighthouse in Dorum and enjoy the view from the upper platform. At the blue hour and in the evening hours the lighthouse Obereversand is also a popular photo motif.

Harbour Dorum

The small harbour in Dorum is dreamy, clearly arranged and ideally situated for visitors. Small fishing boats and private yachtsmen have their home port here and start their journey on the open sea in Dorum. No matter whether it is high or low tide, there are always a few ships to admire at the jetty. A real harbour tour or a tour with the crab cutter is unfortunately not offered at the moment. From the catch back in the harbour, some fishermen sell their freshly caught crabs directly from the boat.

National Park Wadden Sea

Dorum-Neufeld is located directly at the Wadden Sea National Park, the protected zone of the coast where the probably largest natural spectacle of the North Sea takes place every six hours. The tide. Ebb and flow. Sea and Wadden Sea. Access to the tidal flats is gained directly via the coastline, whether on the beach or via a free access at the embankment. The tidal flats themselves are fascinating and enchanting, but they are also incredibly versatile and healthy – for body, soul, spirit and feet!

Day Trips

There is much to discover in the Dorum area. A detour to the Hanseatic city of Bremen is particularly recommended, although the nearby Bremerhaven also has a lot to offer. Cuxhaven is also always worth a visit.

Book activities online and save money

If you are smart, you start planning your day trips before you start your journey or at the latest at your holiday destination. Clever travelers book the most important program points in advance, thus giving the day structure and avoiding unnecessary waiting times or cancellations due to overbooking.

» Tip: From Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven with the ferry to Helgoland. A real experience.

Location and journey to Dorum

Dorum is located halfway between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven and is best reached from both directions via the A27, Neuenwalde (or Nordholz) junction.

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