Laboe (Kieler Förde)

Laboe, Baltic Sea

Laboe on the Kiel Fjord is one of the most popular German Baltic seaside resorts and is still a real insider tip. A fine, gently sloping sandy beach, clear water, its own harbour, fantastic nature and real sights are just some of the local highlights.

Whether for a whole summer holiday with the family or a weekend for two, whether with dog or friends – Laboe is worthwhile at any time of the year.

Activities in Laboe and Kiel

With its striking naval memorial, the submarine museum and the small harbour, Laboe has a lot to offer locally, but especially the Kiel, which is only 20 minutes away, is always worth a visit. Whether by car or as an experience by ferry, once there, there is a wide range of colourful activities to choose from – from young to old – there is something for everyone.

Overnight in Laboe

Actually, there is no lack of hotels and holiday flats in Laboe, but in order to get cheap prices one should be fast. Good rooms are usually booked out early or the price will rise soon. Specially popular are accommodations close to the beach right at the promenade.

For holidays and special occasions, many hotels offer special arrangements.

Webcam Laboe – Marine Memorial

The webcam at the Marine Memorial brings you directly to the coast and promises a first-class view of the Kiel Fjord, the submarine 995, the beach and the promenade of Laboe. Also the beautiful Hotel Admiral Scheer is in view. Whether you want to relax and unwind or check the weather on the spot, the Laboe webcam transmits live pictures around the clock.

Location and parking spaces

Laboe is located about 20 minutes northeast of Kiel and can be reached from various directions via the A1, A7 or A23 and then finally the B502. There are plenty of parking spaces in the second row behind the promenade, e.g. in Birkenweg or Katzbek. On hot summer days, however, you should set off early, as the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and towns are also reluctant to miss a day at the beach.

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