Shoppen in Scheveningen (Keizerstraat)

Shopping Guide Scheveningen

Beach vacations and shopping can be combined in Scheveningen in a first-class way. Here is an overview of the main shopping streets on the boulevard and in the nearby city center of The Hague:

Grote Marktstraat

Die Grote Marktstraat (Große Marktstraße) is probably the most important and longest shopping street in the city. Large department stores and international branches of major brands characterize the image of this magnificent shopping mile. The stores and cafés are open seven days a week and can be reached easily and centrally on foot or by car. Parking spaces are available in the surrounding streets, the nearby Spui, Centrum and Turfmarkt multi-storey parking lots and directly under the shopping boulevard.


The Noordeide is located in the old The Hague and can hardly be surpassed in splendor and continuity. Small studios, chic galleries, fashion stores, jewelers and finally the Royal Palace “Palais Noordeinde” characterize the face of this art and shopping street, which is certainly not only worth a visit for its exclusive boutiques. Obligatory program!


The Weimerstraat is located just outside the center and belongs to an extremely versatile street in the Regentessekwartier near the Prins Hendrikstraat. The street scene consists mainly of small specialist stores and culinary and cultural facilities. The architectural style is classic Dutch. For visitors to Scheveningen who only make the trip to The Hague once, the Weimerstraat is unfortunately quite unluckily located.


The Prinsestraat where especially the young savages and hipsters of this world get their money’s worth. Not to be despised are the many restaurants where real culinary highlights are served. The central location of the Prinsestraat alone makes a visit obligatory.

Keizerstraat and Boulevard Scheveningen – shopping near the beach

Also near the beach there is a lot to discover. The entire boulevard and many of the streets behind it are lined with small stores and souvenir stores. In the old center of Scheveningen there is also the Keizerstraat. Here you can really store and stroll through the stores. Especially beautiful is the picturesque, dreamy and at the same time busy ambience. For one-day visitors and short breakers, this is the perfect alternative to a visit to the big city.

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