Holland has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful splendour of the Netherlands.Glamorous cities, picturesque dunes, royal splendour and touching down-to-earthness characterise this beautiful country. The Netherlands is the ideal holiday destination for all those who are looking for relaxation not only in the distance.

Beaches and regions

Holidays in Holland

Holland and the whole of the Netherlands is the perfect destination for couples, families with children or those travelling alone. Dogs and other pets are also always welcome in the Netherlands. Holland has much more to offer than caravans, windmills, tulips and cheese. On islands such as Texel or or Ameland, as well as on the North Sea beach in North and South Holland, endless natural beach sections and dune fields are waiting to be explored. In the evening, the setting sun bathes the sea in glittering orange all along the west coast while the many beach bars and restaurants fill with visitors. Holland is not only visited by camper. kuestlich offers an overview of the best hotels and holiday resorts in the Netherlands. But it does not always have to be a beach holiday. Our little neighbour is versatile – cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague are great for a city trip, a long weekend or a lively day out during your long holiday in the Netherlands.

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