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SEA LIFE Scheveningen

The SEA LIFE Center Scheveningen is located directly on the beach promenade not far from the Pier. Families will get their money’s worth here. Seahorses and starfish, wondrous jellyfish, impressive rays and droll clownfish can be marveled at in the many aquariums. In addition to many interactive elements, the penguin pool in the covered outdoor area and a tunneled shark tank in particular are among the absolute highlights of SEA LIFE.

A Fascinating Underwater World

Experience the fascinating underwater world up close at SEA LIFE Scheveningen. This aquarium in Scheveningen is a must for couples and families with children who want to discover the diverse marine world of the Netherlands.

Discover the diverse inhabitants of the sea in various underwater habitats, from the North Sea to the tropical ocean. Watch the graceful movements of rays in the reef aquarium or the colorful fish in the tropical rainforest tank.

Underwater tunnels and giant turtles

Go in search of the giant turtle and cute sea lions in the underwater zoo. A special highlight of SEA LIFE Scheveningen is the underwater tunnel, which offers visitors a unique view of the sea creatures.

In addition to the many sea creatures, there are also interactive attractions that will delight young and old. Visit the feedings and experience up close how sharks and rays get their food. Or dive into the fascinating world of jellyfish in the jellyfish playground.

The perfect experience in any weather

But SEA LIFE Scheveningen doesn’t just offer entertainment for the little ones. Adults will also be impressed by the beauty and diversity of the sea creatures and may even learn new things about the underwater world. Since the entire center is covered and air-conditioned, it is recommended to visit both at hot lunchtime and on rainy days.

» Tip: Who already secures himself an online ticket in advance can save real money!

Current admission prices and online ticket

SEA LIFE Scheveningen offers different admission models for individual visitors, families, grandparents with children, as well as combination tickets with other attractions such as the Madurodam.

Opening hours SEA LIFE

For a visit to SEA LIFE Scheveningen you should plan up to two hours of time. The opening hours vary depending on the season and season.

  • April to June
    10.00 – 19.00 o’clock | admission until 18 o’clock
  • July and August
    10.00 – 20.00 o’clock | admission until 19 o’clock
  • September and October
    10.00 – 19.00 o’clock | admission until 18 o’clock
  • November to March
    10.00 – 18.00 o’clock | admission until 17 o’clock

Opening hours may vary on public holidays and during Corona.

Current admission prices and online ticket

The SEA LIFE Scheveningen offers different entrance models for single visitors, families, grandparents with children as well as combination tickets with other attractions like the Madurodam.

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