Scheveningen, Den Haag

Scheveningen Beach – The Hague

Scheveningen is located in the south of Holland, just outside the gates of the Dutch royal city The Hague and is known for its miles of popular and lively beach boulevard and the eternal sand dunes in the north. Here you can perfectly combine the advantages of a spontaneous city trip with the relaxation of a sunny beach holiday.

Scheveningen is an impressive destination and offers a wide range of activities for every type of traveler. Whether water sports, peace and relaxation, shopping, parties or art and culture – no one is left out. Scheveningen is especially interesting for families with children and couples, but also single travellers will get their money’s worth.

Scheveningen at a glance

Whether a visit for a week or just a weekend, sometimes you need orientation. We have compiled the most important information for a trip to Scheveningen.

Our highlights on site

No city is like the other and even if Scheveningen is only a district of Den Haag (‘s-Gravenhage), there are still some highlights that we do not want to withhold:

⚓ Enjoy picturesque nature and beautiful beaches
⚓ Photo motifs De Pier and Scheveningen spa hotel
⚓ Lively nightlife on the boulevard
⚓ Shopping and sightseeing in The Hague
⚓ Day trips to Amsterdam or Rotterdam
⚓ Designated dog beaches for water-loving furry noses
⚓ Popular destination, also for locals

The beautiful Scheveningen is therefore not only an insider tip for the high season. Even if it gets quieter on the boulevard in autumn, you can enjoy life here at any time of year.

Hotels and accommodation in Scheveningen

Kurhaus Scheveningen

Scheveningen has hotels and accommodations for every taste. No wonder, because Scheveningen is the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands. From luxury hotels, to holiday homes and apartments, to low-budget solutions such as hostels or Bed & Breakfasts, there are no limits to the wishes of holidaymakers and tourists. Only the individual preferences are decisive here: city or beach location, quiet or adventure, classic or modern, spacious or cozy. The possibilities are many and varied.

Top hotel recommendations for Scheveningen

Individual beach houses

A special highlight for adventurous and individual travellers are certainly the small wooden beach cottages south of Kijkduin. In these Beach Houses you live directly at the beach and can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea every morning. The maritime houses are each equipped with a small bath and an own kitchenette including Nespresso machine and other delicacies.

» Tip: A selection of dog-friendly accommodation we have also compiled.

Sights and attractions

The Hague Centre

Because of its ideal location there is a lot to discover in and around Scheveningen. In the city centre of The Hague, only a few minutes away, visitors can expect a varied, dreamy and at the same time busy cityscape with real palaces, fairytale gardens and vibrant arcades, national museums and international art treasures. From the harbour to the northern dune areas, there are also numerous attractions for young and old around and along the flourishing promenade.

Top attractions Scheveningen

Other attractions on the coast

There are also sightseeings right at the sea, so it is easy to interrupt a day at the beach for a visit to a museum or a spontaneous photo shooting with an impressive scenery.

Holland Casino Scheveningen

Holland Casino

Strand und Boulevard

Strand und Boulevard

Other attractions in the city

Thus, there is no lack of possibilities for a good sightseeing trip in the Dutch city of the kings. So let us leave some air for a cultural break in the late afternoon.

» Note: The museums in Scheveningen and The Hague are closed on Mondays. However, if the water is too wet and the beach too sandy on Mondays, we recommend a refreshing bike ride to start the week. Holland is known as the country of cyclists. By the way, bicycles are called fietsen in Holland and Scheveningen is spoken by  [ˈsxeːvənɪŋə(n)].

Shopping in The Hague

The Hague is a true shopping paradise – how could it be otherwise? But where should you start? Where are the best shops, where are the biggest bargains and where does the gentle sea air seduce you to sweet shopping sins in fine boutiques department stores and malls
Shopping in Scheveningen and The Hague

Among all the department stores and malls, the “Haagsche Passage” and the elegant “de Bijenkorf” are our absolute highlights, which are impossible to pass by. While behind the passage near the Binnenhof is nothing less than the most beautiful and oldest shopping arcade in Holland, which for architectural reasons alone is a must for every visit to The Hague, de Bijenkorf a traditional old school department store whose name may be mentioned in the same breath as the Galeries Lafayette of this world.

» Tip: Holders of the free Privileg Card save valuable percentages with de Bijenkorf.

Quarters and shopping streets

Neighbourhoods and shopping streets

In addition to the large department stores and arcades, the colourful life dances above all in the many typical shopping streets in the centre of The Hague. The following addresses are for those who enjoy shopping – and even those who stroll through the streets without much of a destination can discover a lot and find many a bargain.

» Tip: The Tram line 1 from Scheveningen is the fastest way to the city centre and after a day of shopping it is best to relax with a fresh coffee on the Plein.

Gastronomy, Pier and Boulevard

De Pier Scheveningen at night

The question of where to eat best in Scheveningen is easily answered. Along the boulevard, hundreds of excellent cafés, bars and restaurants with a breathtaking sea view are lined up for miles. The atmosphere is breathtaking.

Already in the morning fresh breakfast buffets, great brunch offers and delicious pancake specialities are waiting for the first beach goers. The culinary offer also knows no limits at lunchtime. A special insider tip are the restaurants on the pier directly above the water. A distinctive feature of Scheveningen – and particularly popular in the late season – are the warming fire tables that create a unique atmosphere.

Impressions from Scheveningen

1 / 5
Blick aus dem Hafen bei Sonnenuntergang
2 / 5
Scheveningen Strand (rechts sieht man noch das Carlton Beach Hotel, dann fangen die Dünen an)
3 / 5
Binnenhof und Regierungssitz in Den Haag
4 / 5
Action direkt am Pier in Scheveningen
5 / 5
Malerische Strände und Dünengebiete im Norden Scheveningens

⚓ Scheveningen is ideal for couples and families

Beach and nature in Scheveningen

The forces of the tides – low tide and high tide – are only weakly felt on the beach of Scheveningen. There is no real mudflat here. But isn’t it much nicer to enjoy the sea around the clock? Of course, the water also wanders a little here. At low tide, insane mussel mountains are exposed. These give the visitors free souvenirs and the children a real pleasure. Right on the boulevard, the beach is long and wide. The finest sand stretches for miles and the possibilities for playing, swimming and doing sports are extensive.

The nature north of Scheveningen is really fantastic. Endless sand dunes and unspoilt fine beaches are waiting away from the tourist core. Minutes turn into hours and the sun slowly leans over the white dunes in the evening.

Jellyfish and safety

There are hardly any jellyfish in Scheveningen – unlike many places on the North Sea. If you do come into contact with one of the few red fire jellyfish or bluish nettle jellyfish, it is advisable to consult a doctor quickly, as the painful irritations and swellings can last for several days. In rare cases, dangerous allergic reactions may also occur. Depending on the wind direction and the current, the rare jellyfish intensive days are already announced in the morning by the first washed up specimens on the beach. In this case we recommend a relaxed game of beach volleyball, a bicycle tour or an excursion to the centre of The Hague.

Day trips from Scheveningen

Thanks to its ideal location, Scheveningen is the perfect starting point for perfectly self-organised day trips to the surrounding towns. Our recommendations:

Tagesausflug nach Rotterdam


Tagesausflug nach Delft


Booking activities online now

Who is clever begins already before travel beginning or at the latest at the vacation place with the planning of the daily trips. Clever travelers book thereby the most important program points first, give structure to the day thus and avoid unnecessary waiting periods or refusals because of overbooking:

Location: By the sea and between cities

Scheveningen is situated directly on the coast, 70 kilometres south of Amsterdam and only half an hour from Rotterdam. The nearest airport is Rotterdam Den Haag (RTM).

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