De Pier Scheveningen

De Pier Scheveningen

The pier is the undisputed and traditional landmark of Scheveningen. The pier is 45 meters above the water and is dotted with small but fine cafés, food stalls and restaurants as well as various action-packed attractions. Recently, an exclusive suite hotel has been added to the pier.

Photo location over the sea

A visit is an absolute must and is worth it just because of the breathtaking view from the platform. For photographers and instagrammers the pier is a real hotspot. Historically, the first pier was inaugurated in Scheveningen in 1901 and reopened in 1961 after its destruction in the Second World War. In 2013 the pier had to be closed for fire protection reasons. This was followed by an extensive renovation, and since 2015 De Pier shines more splendidly and modern than ever before.

Going out, view and stroll

The unique location of the pier guarantees visitors an unforgettable view over the beach and boulevard as well as the coast off Scheveningen. In good weather the visibility is up to 17 kilometers. The view in all directions is indescribably beautiful and versatile. It is exactly this view that you have to take advantage of, the best all-round view is from the top platform of the bungee tower on the jetty.

For a morning breakfast we recommend the hearty pancakes and sinfully delicious cakes in the cosy and urbanly furnished “de pier pannenkoeken” on the rear platform. Sea view included.

Restaurant de pier pannenkoeken
Restaurant de pier pannenkoeken

Bungee, cable car and ferris wheel

Where there used to be a rocket launch pad on a platform of the pier, there is now a 50-meter high Ferris wheel with 36 enclosed and air-conditioned gondolas, each with space for six people. A ride is the ideal romantic time-out for couples and great fun for the whole family.

Action-loving vacationers have, as the following video shows, the unique opportunity to take a bungee jump over the open North Sea or to rush to the beach with a cable car (Zipline) in no time at up to 70 km/h over the sea.

Exclusive suites on the pier

With the bed above the waves, a first class hotel room above the floods of the North Sea. In De Pier Suites this is possible. Inside, guests can expect a high-quality décor, life in quiet elegance, with a paradisiacal rain shower and a king-size bed. No wishes remain unfulfilled. According to the hotel website, the prices per night start at 235 euros, but at you can get a bargain now and then.

Somewhat cheaper – but currently still in planning – are the new pier cabins with starry skies. Extravagant and definitely unique on the North Sea.

Position of the pier

The pier is located at the northern end of the boulevard between the Grand Hotel in the south and the Bilderberg Europa Hotel and the Carlton Beach in the north.

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